Welcome to ICWCUCA 2012

Important Dates

The third International Conference on Wireless Communications in Unusual and Confined Areas will be held in Clermont-ferrand, France, August 28th-30th, 2012.

ICWCUCA 2012 (International Conference on Wireless Communications in Unusual and Confined Areas) is the third of a series of events focusing on wireless communications in harsh environments (such as confined areas, underground tunnels, inside industrial buildings or vehicles). ICWCUCA is a forum for academic researchers, professionals and industrial specialists that are interested in innovative applications or field trials related to telecommunications in such confined areas.

ICWCUCA was originally dedicated to wireless communications in confined environments for industrial mining applications. This year, the conference addresses a broader spectrum including unusual environments, wireless sensor network applications, and wireless network applications. An unusual environment refers to an environment that can be hazardous, costly or hard to reach. Such an environment can have experienced a natural or industrial disaster, or can be a remote natural area. It is subject to specific propagation conditions (as it is the case in mine galleries or inside the human body). In these conditions, network solutions have to be self-powered, robust against node losses, deployed quickly, and they have to provide a service during a long period (usually expressed in years). Thus, research on wireless sensor networks is a topic for ICWCUCA. Communication protocols that have limited energy consumption, that are resistant to losses and that can satisfy the application temporal constraints, on a peculiar physical medium, are the main expected contributions.


Call for Paper

Here is a pdf version of the Call fo Paper.
This year, the conference topics include, but are not limited to:

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